The Rumble Apparel Story

Based in Canada, Rumble Apparel is a small business that designs closet staples with custom graphics and versatile wear. At Rumble Apparel, we focus on quality, small batches, and fair labour. As a company, we recognize our responsibility to society.  Our website, product shots, and blog features individuals of all races, sizes, shapes, and sexual orientations. 


The Rumble Apparel character is real, inclusive, and clever. The Rumble Apparel Concept illustrates a day in our apparel.

DAWN. You wake up in the morning with light peaking through the windows. Your head is sunken into the pillows and your chin points to the ceiling. You organize a meeting with your mind, body, and soul. Rise and shine.

DAY. With a hammer and nails in hand, you’re out here building dreams. You’re nervous because you give a damn. You have destroyed your ego. You cannot be touched because you are in another universe. This human does not break.

DUSK. In the evening, there is feeling. The day closes and we are all guilty of the good we did not do. We are all each other’s consequences. You are tired but peaceful. The sun will rise and you will try again. 




Meet Lilian and Liann. Lilian and Liann met on no other than Rumble Street back in 2009. They accidentally sliced their thumbs while climbing a wire fence, they took a blood oath, and they have been sisters ever since.

University took Lilian to UBC where she studied Art History and Liann to McGill where she studied Anatomy and Cell Biology. Separated by 3,000 miles, the sisters exchanged hopes. With a hunger to connect and an appetite for design, Rumble Apparel became their brainchild.