Rumble Apparel Takes San Francisco

Model: @byshinyy
Age: 26

With no inhibitions, where do you ideally see yourself in 10 years? 

As the CEO of my own company (probably tech or fashion related) as well as more successful in my fashion blog and Instagram. As of now, I'm a micro influencer and have worked with some amazing new as well as mid-size brands, but I would like to expand into bigger partnerships in the future.

What is a perceived flaw you have, how are you growing? 

I'm learning more each year about how important it is to love and respect yourself. That sounds very cliche but it's true for me because I've always had issues with showing my true self or ability to someone I meet for the first time - now that I am in my mid 20s, I am much more comfortable with myself and in showing others who I really am. I'm still growing and learning though - there are still moments where I get nervous before meeting someone of influence or a large crowd, but I'm happy to see myself maturing over time.

What’s something you find miraculous about life? 

That life is cyclic, sometimes you come around the same place after many years or you meet an old friend that you never thought you'd meet again and you relive those memories. I'm a firm believer in destiny and fate, and I do think that life works its way around you, creating opportunities for you to love, explore, learn, and try over and over again.

How are you living out the RUMBLE Concept? 

I am learning to be more in tune with my mind, body, and soul through self-care, mindfulness exercises, and friendships. These have helped me become more stable and secure in terms of my self-regard which in turn offer me greater strength and perseverance to pursue my dreams everyday. I am also embracing my identity as an Asian-American female more and more each day, which I aim to showcase through my blog and Instagram by creating my own content with my own vision around inclusivity and empowerment.

Photos of @byshinyy by @peopleofmvid