Rumble Apparel Takes Spokane

Model: Gabriella Avakimain 
Age: 21

With no inhibitions, where do you ideally see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years, at the age of 31, I see myself living my best life. Working my dream job as an administrator of a healthcare facility, hopefully married with kids, and traveling the world in my free time. 

What is a perceived flaw you have, how are you growing? 

A perceived flaw I have is that I often find myself measuring my success and worth based on what others perceive of me. In other words, I forget that I can define my own success and worth and I don’t have to rely on others to tell me whether or not I have succeeded or accomplished anything in my life. Success can be happiness. It can be anything you want it to be. I have to remind myself that just because society tells me that being rich is successful, that doesn’t mean anything.

What’s something you find miraculous about life?

What I find so miraculous about life is the power we have to take control over what we want for ourselves in life. If you want to be happy, you can. Just wake up, get out of bed, and do what makes you happy. Go travel. Follow your dreams. Eat cake. Surround yourself with people who you care for and who care for you. Be passionate. In life, we become to caught up and we forget that we are the only ones that can make out lives worth living. 

How are you living out the RUMBLE Concept?

I’m living the Rumble Concept by making an effort to make people feel good about themselves. Whether that be friends or strangers. I find it so important that we as can uplift each other and support one another. It is so easy to compliment someone, so why not do it? It can change someone’s day, week, or even month.